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In Japanese ‘Ato’ means art, we find that ‘artistic expression’ for Ato’s has been our main driving force, from the moment you walk in and see our beautifully designed restaurant to the careful consideration of each dish prepared from our highly skilled Chefs’, you can see the parallel for us between art and food.

It’s very important that as creators, we find our inspiration for food through Art. This allows us to truly be unique and innovative throughout the Omakese restaurant experience.

Fantastic experience. Lots of novel choices in the omakase, and great quality all around. Five star experience I've had in GTA so far.


This was my second time dining Omakase, after the first I was unsure how different it could be but I was surprised!

anthony johnston guest

We have had excellent sushi before, world class sushi, but this was next level. Completely possible that I have had the best meal I've ever had -- and possibly the best meal I will ever have for the rest of my days.

Ruby Anderson guest

Omakase is a Japanese phrase which means “I’ll leave it up to you”. Our chef’s goal with each dinner service is to create a very unique dining experience by having each course tailored to our individual guests.

We look to our Chef’s innovation to surprise and delight each individual guest through his artistic expression, high-quality ingredients and his careful attention to detail. This all adds up, to give you a truly unique dining experience, every single time.

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We at Ato’s really pride ourselves on our ability to continually source high-quality fresh seafood daily. Much like an artist, we believe that we need these key ingredients in-order to the paint the picture for you! With every precision cut of sashimi to the way the food is presented to you on your plate, we are firm believers that through artistic expression, we will elevate your experience.

Each of our staff members at Ato Japanese Restaurant all adopt the same core values, that our food and customer service needs to be of the highest quality. In order to keep every dining experience unique, we need to buy into the idea that every detail matters, from the place setting to greeting our guests at the front door.

In order to provide the most authentic ‘Omakese’ experience, we have really taken a deep dive into Japanese architecture and design to really elevate this beautiful contemporary space. From the moment you walk into our dining room, you begin to get a sense of this truly innovative design from the décor right down to your place setting, you start to understand our daring approach to re-imagine what Omakese dinning is really about.